Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Restoration Clean up

SERVPRO responded to this home finding mold damage.  There was significant mold and mildew growing.  The team used cleaning techniques to remove the stains.  The air movers were put down to dry the area.

Mold Damage after Pipe Break

This is the aftermath of a Pipe Break.  The pipe broke and water flooded the floor.  The drywall was removed and they found mold behind the wall.  SERVPRO cleaned and treated the area before reconstruction procedures. 

Mold? No problem for SERVPRO

The containment set up in place on site of a mold remediation job. After SERVPRO received a phone call from a homeowner that found mold in the kitchen, we quickly responded to begin the mold remediation!

Mold drywall cleanup

This is a picture of our team member working on mold containment cleanup.  Our team at SERVPRO of Central Schaumburg/West Bloomingdale are trained to take action on any restoration clean up emergencies with storm damage, water, or fire.

After Picture of Mold on Wall

This is a picture of a wall after mold treatment. It is significant to make sure all mold is contained and taken care of effectively.  SERVPRO was called and took care of this job in a timely manager. 

Containment For Mold

This is a picture of Mold being contained in a commercial property.  The mold will spread to other rooms if Mold isn't taken care of in a timely manner or efficiently.  The air movers were also set up for quick drying. 

Mold Containment

SERVPRO of Central Schaumburg was called to this customers home for mold. They contained the mold by putting up plastic to keep the mold from spreading to other rooms in their home.  The customer couldn't the quick response from the team.

cleanup crew

Mold Remediation

We're Here to Help

SERVPRO is experienced in all sizes of mold remediation projects. If you have any questions on the process and how we operate with a mold project, feel free to contact our office at anytime.