Water Damage Photo Gallery

Flooded basement.

Large Water Loss

Flooded Basement

SERVPRO was called in to help with this large water loss in West Bloomingdale. We came in, assessed the damage, and set up our equipment to begin the drying process. 

Unfinished basement with standing water after flood

Flooded Basement

Removing Standing Water

Our team at SERVPRO will use the correct equipment to extract and clean any standing water after a flooded basement. We used air movers in this basement to help speed up the drying process. 

Team member extracting water

Water Extraction

Water Removal and Cleanup

Our team member from SERVPRO of Central Schaumburg/West Bloomingdale is using a water extraction pump to remove the excess water in the carpet. Once removed, air movers will be placed in the room to promote drying and circulation.

Hotel lobby with fans on the ground

Hotel Lobby Flooded

We're Here to Help

Our team at SERVPRO of Central Schaumburg/West Bloomingdale was called to this hotel after they experienced water damage. We used our dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the area quickly. 

Wood Floor Damage

These hardwood floors suffered from significant water loss.  The team at SERVPRO responded and was able to restore back to pre water conditions.  They removed the hardwood flooring and replaced with new. 

Basement Water Damage

This basement suffered from a water loss. The floor was covered in water and debris from home owner belongings.  SERVPRO immediately responded and began clean up procedures.  They cleaned the floor and painted it back to normal conditions. 

Commercial Water Loss

This property suffered from a water loss.  There was significant amounts of water in the floors.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began clean up procedures.  They extracted the water from the floors and used air movers to dry quickly to prevent any future damages. 

Water Damage Cleanup

SERVPRO of Central Schaumburg was sent to this commercial property for water damage.  The furniture was moved and the air movers were put down for quick drying to prevent any more water damage to the floor. 

Drywall Damage

This was drywall damage after water damage in Schaumburg.  SERVPRO took the work and stress off the customer and cleaned and replaced drywall. The customer couldn't believe how efficient the process was. 

Water damage in home

This home had massive damage from water. Our team was quick to respond and start the cleaning process. It is critical to get all of the content picked up and excess water removed. This will prevent secondary damages from happening. 

Removing wood floors after a water loss

Our team removing wood floors after a massive water loss. It is critical to get all damaged materials removed quickly to prevent secondary damages like mold from forming. Once the materials are removed the drying and restoration process can begin. 

water damage restoration

Water Damage Loss

Our Emergency Services

Water can cause significant damage in a home. Our team is quick to respond and start the drying process to help prevent secondary damage from happening. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. 

ceiling fell down

Ceiling Damage

After Water Loss

This is a picture of damage to a ceiling from water. Our team was quick to respond and start the cleaning process. After all of the water was extracted, we began the drying process.